It has been a long time since I decided to dedicate at least some of my time to art and writing. In that time I have seen social media grow and grow, and people that once emailed regularly fall out of touch.

Looking at hundreds of Facebook “friends” lead me to the idea to proceed with a previously aborted conceptual art project from a few years ago. To be honest, it was aborted because it led to a police visit and a compulsory mental health assessment (which I passed with flying colours by the way).

The idea behind the conceptual art series was simple – a flow of consciousness, confronting thoughts, feelings, and attitudes – within myself, and within those around me. It was for all intents and purposes an inspiration board of sorts, random embedded videos, scraps of words, bits of art, photography.

A digitised madness which was no wonder it was misrepresented AND being the creator, people often mistake you for your creations. So a few years go by, and a lot of thought, and what was original the I Wear White project (incidentally a reference to the colour spectrum, not a reference to race) became a new conceptual art version of the same process, called Salvation. 

Now, Salvation was, from the very beginning meant to confront, and what better way to confront people than with religion, faith, art and music. The site itself was just structured enough to appear as a normal website, but the content, structured as a multi sided digital scroll, was professing something more.

One of the original art and photography pieces used to help create Salvation. The “Throne” was actually a serious piece, made simply with a sheet. A humble throne.

I have always enjoyed the messianic aspects of many of the world’s religions, and Christ is of course the most famous of them all. Obviously, using religion, and art and a site claiming Christ’s return puts off a lot of Facebook friends, and it was through this art that I knew none of them were people I knew.    

This isn’t to say they are bad people, it is just that if they had a problem with my art, which it was stated as art, again and again – and as I said I have been a writer and an artist for over a decade (check my flow) and none of those offended really talk to me anyway. So it was with great joy that the Salvation project, a little art sand castle in this giant digital ocean, helped me to exit my personal Facebook page in style.    

While the domain is still in my possession it will now be used for its original purpose as the home of my new novel, with the same name. But you can see fragments of it (without the beautiful art, and most of it not functioning) on the Wayback Machine (or the internet archive). I like it like this though, like the broken, rejected and despised art project that it was. It was a poetic end, as just like the real Christ was rejected, so was my digital Jesus 🙂           


To others who follow my works, my art and writing, and my digital conceptual art, I hope you had a chance to see it, AND the Refuge Island apocalyptic travel warnings (see above) which were a blast! You can also see remnants of the digital series on my instagram. For posterity and clarity I thought I would put this post up on my gallery to tell my side of the story as I escaped Facebook using a digital conceptual art project while claiming to be the messiah.

I’m not the messiah, I’m just a very naughty boy.