I have finally completed some creative projects that have been bugging me for years and, unfortunately, this has come at the same time that I have had my own health concerns. It is only because I work publicly as an artist and writer, and also professionally as a web designer, content creator, and stay-at-home dad that I must offer any explanation at all for some of my creative works, as well as my own health.

I am currently knee-deep into my new project I Wear White, which is years in the making in my head. Because this deals partly with some of my own experiences with mental health, I feel, for the sake of my professional work and even my family, to stand up for myself in the only format that I feel I have any power.

The written word.

I had some very public mental health emergencies last year and as a result, I have moved on with some things in my life that have (and sometimes continue to) cause me pain. Instead, I have at times placed that pain into my own creative series and writing works, as I guess I always have done, even in my poetry and visual arts.

But if I am being honest, sometimes posts like these are for the only supporter I ever need: my wife. There have been times that I haven’t been well, and I guess writing about my art and my aims for it can be reassuring. It’s also for me, so I can check in with myself and see what direction I am headed in.

One thing is for certain, with my new series dealing with some past traumas for me as well as problems with my own faith, there is a lot of room for misinterpretations as well as misrepresentations of me as a person. I am not my art, and my art is not me, but in some forms of writing and visual arts the two can be very close together.

So you can imagine that when it comes to also work professionally as a writer and a designer, having projects about Jesus, Angels and other biblical themes might put some people off. The most unfortunate part about this is the religious stuff is a symptom of my bipolar disorder.

Art and writing just provide a specific outlet for this particular symptom. Fortunately, it has really helped with dealing with it and moving forward with my life without religiosity and other nonsense. Thankfully though, I am really happy with the end of this experimental set of digital books (hosted on websites obviously) built mostly around popular music video clips.

Salvation – the original site and idea behind the trilogy.

The Seven Seals – the second part of the series.

Faith Restored – the final piece in this most unique project.

Thank you to every artist that has worked on any of the music videos I have embedded in my projects. I hope you know the series is more an educational/discussion piece as well as a ‘story’.

I am not sure how long I will keep this series up as I move back to more traditional writing with I Wear White. So check it all out while you still can.

All the best to all of you!