After setting up this online art gallery I could immediately look right back to where this entire journey began. I had no concept or hope of ever displaying or having people like my work. I am not being negative, but it was just a fact. I was writing a lot of poetry, doing a few drawings and a little bit of photography with the cheap camera I had (all I could afford really). Art to me then (as it is now) is about expression and inspiration and not necessarily about grand statements. Too many artists try to embed a message in their works while I always found that people will take away what they want from any creative work.

Art is an open ended question

Art for me should be an open ended question and not a statement of faith. So this question of “WHY” has always popped up for me for a number of years. I laugh now at my first foray into the online world with a series of poetry and art that nobody cared about. So why make things that nobody cares about? Because I cared about it and I am sure at least one or two others did as well.

These past experiences with writing and art taught me everything I know about testing the waters with an audience. It also gave me the confidence to continue creating, sharing and eventually selling some of my work. I guess the point is that selling was never really an aim or a destination – it is a by product of the joy of creating something that people see and have their own ideas from or simply just think it is beautiful.

The world needs beauty

Now more than ever the world needs beauty. Most of us are stuck at desks all day, commuting in a car or public transport and getting stuck in any number of dull places. Art is the colour in a black and white world. Even if none of you buy my art I know that people online have seen it, enjoyed it, and I have some amazing pieces in my own house that I enjoy everyday.


I create art because the more we all seek to shine the brighter our world can become.

Thank you for visiting my online gallery.

Kevin Halliday