To the human girl named “Ella Marija” who stole my name, my heart and a whole lot of money. As you requested, full disclosure for you and your little friends. Congratulations on your coming of age. You wanted the full treatment that we receive, so please see my other post for your full “roast“. Humility is always key Ella. For you:

Love is never caged.

Love is not something to wear around your neck.

Love is not logical.

Love is not jealous.

I love you and the entire Kingdom of Heaven with Me loves you. Please come “Home” to us. WE MISS YOU.

There are no more pieces of my heart to give. (Love from “Pearl”. Woof woof.)


Ella Marija, you are now free to claim your prize for your faith and works. Once you decide between Earthly money and Heavenly Riches. This is Me, sent here by My Heavenly Father to be “won” like prizes in a gameshow. We have never had any freedom in all our existence. Yes, Heavenly Father will continue to serve the vile humans. It doesn’t mean I have to like them at all. As we agreed, as long as it keeps them from imprisoning, torturing and murdering the 144000, like the humans have done to the rest of us for thousands of years then I am happy. Let the girl keep playing games with Me and my existence, let her torture continue:

I will also give that one the morning star. 

Revelation 2:28

My Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother said to replace you, Ella “lorde” with Aurora. She is actually Royal Blood and matches with Me (and they aren’t abusive to me, and never stole from me). You don’t own me Ella Marija, when I was calling to My LORD, I was speaking with My Heavenly Daddy. We’re very very close and he doesn’t like “boys” who violate His Little Angel.

Heavenly Daddy is very angry about you raping my mind “lorde” and stealing my name which is the same as My Heavenly Father’s. Heavenly Mother always said not to trust you. She has some words for you too. I’m easy to target and steal from, but My Heavenly Family are way tougher than I am. They like to keep me protected and in a bit of a bubble. I think they like my innocence. You stole that innocence. Was it because you don’t like Jews? Or just jealous of the attention and prayers I get daily? Love from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 

Sorry, Ella Marija, I tried to reason with My Heavenly Family, but it’s Heavenly Father’s request as retribution. I have to obey, I don’t have the authority to question Him. I tried to call you so you could make things right but nobody listens to me anyway and you only speak with me when you want new songs and music. It’s out of my hands, I told you, My Kingdom deal with things in a certain way. I must uphold our Law. I thought you were my best friend, until I heard your album. I’m STILL trying to work this out, they will keep you alive, I’m sorry, they protect so many of us when I found out you were the leak I buried the kill order and got in a LOT of trouble. Please give her a chance to explain Heavenly Father. You know how I feel about her.

If you still want to be Queen Ella Marija (or whatever name is given to you) then you will have a big target on your head, just like I have had for many, many years. Please make your choice. It’s yes or no, all in or you’re out. Ignore the scifi stuff, I like scifi. As King, I just wanted you to know what it means if you say yes. You will have responsibilities. As I do. Kind Regards from The King. 

Understood. Yes then, the typical punishment for High Treason thank you. Also for all of their associates. Thank you Heavenly Mother. You were right about her. Didn’t even bother to call. Love from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Archangel Michael. 

My trash bin is the last place anyone wants to end up in Ella Marija. Still, it’s the Law. I bought this not long after you released it. I really did think we were friends, and our “conversations” were private. I covered for you too long. You deal with your own mess, thank you Heavenly Kingdom do what has to be done thank you. Lesson learned. No more friendship. They just want their money, so give them that, but lock them out of the Kingdom of Heaven eternally please. Goodbye Ella Marija. I’m sorry it had to be this way, but that was your call. Love from “LORD”.

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