Thank you to everyone that has put up with my gallery as The Seven Seals was produced live as part of a larger conceptual art project. While I ran into a few problems here and there (they form part of the story now) it is great to be able to present what is meant to be quite a manic experience of art, conspiracy, religion and of course, armageddon!

I have always been drawn to the abstract nature of the Book of Revelations but do not want viewers to see any of this series as religious. Instead, it is an attempt to free faith from the religious and put it back into its true context. These are works of faith, not works of religion.

I have always contended through my works that God (or whatever you want to call it) speaks through all things. So, I have framed voices that speak to generations of young and old people across the planet. In the universal language of music. There is a part of the book of revelations that refers to Key of David (referring to the poet King David of ancient Israel) – that key was always music and art.

Yes, much of the series is meant to be a little silly but I hope that you can see beyond the stories and find some hidden wisdom and intentional foolishness. I invite the reader to explore what is true and what is fiction both within my works and in the broader world.

Thank you MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) Tasmania

I feel I also have to clear up some things regarding the incorporation of MONA into this broader Seven Seals digital story and experience. I have actually visited MONA a few years ago and really loved it. When the intellectual property thing came up I guess it triggered some old health issues I have learned to live with (daily) over many years.

I had actually been in correspondence of sorts with MONA a while back in the middle of the Refuge Island sequences of the series (that were a tad more controversial). Especially the promotion of the series. So I did explain I am a digital performance artist of sorts, but also stigmatic (for whatever that’s worth) so I really hope MONA can see this performance piece and broader “Live Action Novel” within a novel as the installation art piece it is.

It is also, in part, a homage to a younger me that, somehow, didn’t die when they probably should have. A crazier me that I never really liked and so, hopefully, outgrew and distanced myself from. A younger me that just didn’t get the help that they needed.

Now, fortunately, I think I have that assistance and support in my beautiful wife Rachelyn, and my Daughter Ally – both of who are mentioned in my series of course. I have pre-loaded The Seven Seals with many easter eggs and of course shoutouts to people I do not see in my life anymore, yet still wish the best.

So for me, this is an end of a work I had played around with in my head for many years and something that will, in the future become a more traditional novel.

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping me find my voice again. Some of you know parts of my life have not been easy, yet I wouldn’t change a thing because it brought me to this chair I am in today.

Please rise for the Royal Court of the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven