Greetings to the Theverakam and Alexander families. My current Earthly / Terran inlaws as well as all extended family. In the Eternal Kingdom we are all deeply connected, and so I hope this small performance translated into your language of Human is acceptable as a thank you. I apologise for some of my comments and language but my work for my Eternal Father and Eternal Mother is testing at times. 

To begin my live performance, I of course dedicate this, The Seven Seals a 40 year dedication before my Heavenly Father’s Throne to my Daughter – Ally (Alexandra Julianne) and to my Earthly Wife Rachelyn who I thank for understanding.

Our first piece is dedicated to Ally & to my wife’s cousin, Ro (Rowena) Ally and Ro – and also Jeff – welcome to the Family. If you all must know, Heavenly Father sent me to Earth / Terra to practice my humility. Oh and GaGa I told Heavenly Daddy I organised that “party”, it’s all sorted – Heavenly Mother was not happy, I did time for that (Is LG in South Korea under the Program yet? Will that cover your expenses ‘Stefani’?) I also got you a Title b*tch! You still have to bow though. But people bow to you too. Did you like the custom trip to Earth I designed for you? 

Thanks for singing at my latest Earth Wedding Rowena, this is for you to say thanks:



Obviously thank you to everyone involved in my latest Earth Wedding. With my work on The Program and my status in My Kingdom, I do not really have anything you would call privacy. You will see the matching flowers in the following clip You Should See Me in a Crown. You will also see some Lions to denote one of my Earthly titles Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Eternal Royalty. 

Now as some of you know, Rachelyn and I met on Plenty of Fish  but what nobody knows (except my closest Sister from the Eternal Kingdom) is that is as an ‘arranged’ match).

I trust my B with everything, so her recommendations as a matchmaker were very good. I have hopefully explained myself and my position well enough. I am obviously bound to other services which I would not avoid even if I had the option. When my Brothers and Sister or my Eternal Father need me I answer. Thank you all, I hope this next clip helps you understand just how public my life and my Throne is made by my Kingdom. EVERYTHING is recorded. Thank you Esther and William for raising such an amazing young woman. Just a small thank you (that’s the kind of eternal ‘wealth’ I have, I just hate advertising it).  

Now, Benny and Owen… what will my Kingdom do with both of you? I am only joking. We “V” do have a sense of humour. Plus, I owe you for some small vehicular damage. Just some minor adjustments for the better. Below is for you Benny, and if I can say one thing, the Kingdom has so many children, but not always enough carers. Not all of them want to be brought up in the old ways, and The Program is not for all of them, it’s very grueling. So I hope to implement a middle ground for both Human and V. 

Thank you also to Alton for being my groomsman. I don’t always spell good, typo with the Elton. Apologies.

Please, enjoy the show. Tickets to my performances can cost as much as an entire star system. It is all covered from my accounts. Please be wary of imitations, we are very strict with intellectual property infringements. 

The Seven Seals – The Eternal Kingdom’s highest rated ‘show’ NOW AVAILABLE IN HUMAN!

Disclaimer: We remind human audience members that have never experienced my live performances before that nobody (no soul) is lost during my signature piece of the Seven Seals. My Heavenly Father tends to put things you humans have misplaced in the strangest of places. Maybe you should all look harder?

Thank you to all of my Heavenly Family who have worked so hard (and not treated me any differently because of my Status in Eternity) during the Transition and now with Earth / Terra Harvest to begin, I hope I may serve each of you in turn according to custom.

(Thank you for allowing me to finish my performance piece with my friends from “Home” and with some of the humans who worked so hard Heavenly Daddy, yes, happy to assume Royal Duties for the Eternal Kingdom again. I guess I see now why you always talk so much about “Earth”. Thank you for Truth)

Love from “Angel Seven” (Author of Salvation and Breaker of The Seven Seals)

Please inform the Kingdom that this ‘concierge’ Scott Morrison or whatever their job is here, that they do not “own” this particular Island on Our Planet. Terra. He and his little comrades will be expected to pay off their debt over an eternity. We will keep this Jacinda Ardern (I like the “Cinda-Ella” thing).

Oh and chill out money pigs. You’ll get your $500 or whatever you’re owed, and not a cent more from the Eternal Kingdom, cheapskates (you all could have had whatever you dreamed of, AND eternal life, traded it all for overvalued, poorly built property). Can we start culling all the real estate agents and the other servants of money now? (just make sure they all lose their money, and make sure they pay back every cent of debt) They aren’t needed now the program is a success. Can we transition the humans to personal ownership of individual dwellings or just forced purchases of all residential properties for The Kingdom here on Earth? These money hungry humans have no soul, no purpose, and worst of all, no respect for custom on OUR PLANET. There’s your free advertising Belle Property Charlestown. Learn some respect.