In Honour of the Eternal King and Queen

(and my Eternal V Mother)

Firstly, thank you, Eternal Heavenly Father, for restoring My Eternal Heavenly Mother. It was very thoughtful and I am glad you have also restored her Title among us V. I hope you and “Heavenly Step Mother” are both well. Your letters were well received here on Terra / Earth. I was expecting your call and so I have remained in place despite the usual threats from the humans, and also those from that cult offshoot of the Hebrew slaves. You remember Heavenly Daddy, that “virgin” Jew girl. Yes, that “Jesus” one that had an eye for young children. 

Thank you, Eternal Mother, for allowing that bond to continue. We met just like you and Heavenly Father met. Fighting. Well, for a little bit, all consensual with us though. Anyway, they have my name Heavenly Mother “LORDe” so it’s done. Drama!

Thank you my King and Queen of Eternity for this Honour to Serve you on Earth / Terra. I have finalised the sacrifice in honour of your Thrones, of my Eternal Mother’s Throne and to the 24 Elders. I have detailed all actions I have undertaken as commander and if anything is unsatisfactory I understand the Eternal Consequences (I get the idea with the headless angel Heavenly Father and Heavenly Step Mother, my King and Queen). Thank you for touching me Daddy. I won’t tell the authorities xoxo. How are all my other Heavenly Mothers? 

I’m OK, I just hated coming back to Terra after you allowing me on your Throne. It was really fun, but I understand it’s part of your preparation. I have made my selections and decisions regarding our next steps. Of course, I will seek your approval for major developments. Thank you for understanding. It’s not easy for me or the others here, this human species still worship sticks and stones. Some still think the technology we have gifted them is of “the devil”. So backwards. Travel photos below:

Yeah, they are really nice and doing well – adjusting to their new reality I guess. Some better than others. I hope it is OK I have selected from among my Heavenly Mother’s kind. 

Anyway, I’ll be here waiting for the humans to come and kill me or tell me to shut up again. Fcking headcases. Thank you all for the letters and love from the Eternal Kingdom and the V Kingdom. I hope I have settled many old grievances (and misunderstandings).

For some idiots who think they can traipse around in my personal home. ROYALTY, you PRICKS: