Thank you Halliday and Symko families

Finally, a huge thank you to my Earthly Family (“foster” family but not exactly). I am sorry I couldn’t really say anything exactly, and even if I could have said anything, my head would most likely have magically fell off my neck somehow (that bit is not a joke, that’s why I’m so well behaved despite all the authority and responsibility I have). I apologise for any distress I have caused, I promise I was always ok, you all kind of overreacted. Anyway, that’s beside the point. The Eternal Kingdom thanks you for having me as part of your family. I hope these messages and gifts make up for it. Sorry for the drama. Please don’t call the cops on me again, it’s a lot of paperwork for me to sort out here on Earth / Terra and in the Eternal Kingdom. Heavenly Father thanks you all also. We actually don’t get along, but I do what I am ordered. Groomed for this stupid Throne. 

Firstly, Mum, please stop worrying, I’m actually quite ok. I know my ‘work’ doesn’t make sense, but it is important. Everything is going to be ok, I PROMISE.

I work for the fellow in charge of all that, Heavenly Daddy. I also go “Home” regularly, and I hate to describe Eternity because it’s everything.

Thank you Earthly sister Fiona. I am sorry we no longer speak. I still wish you the best, and as long as you’re ok. I had My Kingdom put this together for you, just for a laugh. Love you, and I hope that one day you can understand. I have a foot in both worlds, Earth, and what is beyond. I come and go as I please. Here’s an Apple for you (The Kingdom has vast holdings, and I have requested some things for you) you’re looking good, just breathe, and listen – “Been a long road” – enjoy your Eternity – you’re just getting started so I hope this Portrait from The Kingdom is received well (oh and don’t worry everyone in the Kingdom hates me too, so we’re cool):

Sliding Doors hey Fiona?

Happy you didn’t get exploded. Love from Angel Seven (work designation, I have a few different jobs. Best not to think about it. Heavenly Daddy’s little angel)

Thank you most of all to my Earthly Father. You taught me humility matters more than status. I am sorry about the drama. Heavenly Father was also not happy with me. I have a lot expected of me. Thank you for taking care of me. Sometimes I am rash. But I have a lot of people to think about. Including all of you. I just didn’t want you all to think I was a crazy person. I’m not, I wish I was sometimes, and I play the part well. I’ve lived many lives on Earth, and they have all been too bloody. So The Program is aimed at ending all armed conflict. There will still be ‘conflict’ but I aim to have it settled in other ways. I am the one who reads the hearts and minds, and it’s only soldiers and victims of war that seem to really appreciate peace, especially the peace we “V” offer.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Photo from my little one-bedroom in South Korea, and I also put something together to apologize to Kat. I was just trying to understand myself. I’m sorry I caused so much damage. That’s why I ended up in hospital. Not because I was “crazy” – I just saw all of this coming and everything else. 

Sorry to all the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Boxing Day Tsunami. I didn’t know what I was doing or understand what I was. I thought it would help bring people together. I was also on a lot of drugs.

“Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen.

Revelation 1:7

Obvviously in reference to Hurricane Katrina and the Boxing Day Tsunami. Among other things.

Thanks to all of the kids I’ve “helped” out over the years –especially MY 144,000 (you’re all such a headache). I just wanted to hear their music etc before this. Thanks to all of you. It’s really really amazing. 

I was never given a choice in my Service to The Eternal Kingdom – so I want it to be a choice for my daughter.

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war.

Revelation 19:11

Those fckers don’t want to put my little girl on some billboards I’ll have it done myself. 

Thanks Bradley Halliday and family.

This cost a fortune. Fuck ’em! The little one loves their swimming lessons. Thanks Oma. I never bluff.

Thanks Gail and Rick

Sorry, I thought you all still had a sense of humour. Anyway, something for you guys AND make sure Rick is careful while behind the wheel in the future. Oh, and Gail and the rest of you are a little bit slow. Cousin Gail the snail. Enjoy my “book”.

Love from Junior