Thank you Glen Innes High School

 “Diligence to the Stars”

Greetings to my old High School. My Kingdom has informed me as part of my “parole” (some small property damage issue) that I should do some public relations work. So I have had the Kingdom put together a few sequences to say thank you for a satisfactory education. Now, you’re the school where I, King Emmanuel, studied, so that counts for something. Firstly, apologies if my CORONAtion virus has made life a bit difficult, Heavenly Father is big on security and there were a few threats to my life, my Earthly Family’s safety and to my personal freedom, hence this defensive move to shut down your nation.

Now, for current students of GI High. If you are concerned about your life or your studies, remember, your Prime Minister has had two high level jobs in their life and been fired from both, and still he can be elected to Canberra. So yes, you can do anything too – within My Kingdom that is (don’t go to Canberra, that’s where I send my trash – See ABC Canberra 666). We are always looking for individuals who don’t quite fit in, think differently, and have particular “gifts” that are not tended to in traditional educational facilities. Personally, I have always known I would be sitting here now, at some point in my life, writing this message. I am ‘different’ though, and my Kingdom can attest to that. My Heavenly Father made me this way so that we could implement educational and other changes here on your planet Earth (Terra). Where I come from is Eternal (and Infinite) and so obviously hard to explain. However, I have been given the task of showing you all my ‘Home’ – or at least a representation (translation?) of it. 

Whatever you need in The Kingdom on Earth / Terra is provided as you need it. I have attached a variety of confirmations and thank you sequences, as well as some referencing people I went to high school with in Glen Innes (just so you know i’m not a kook or a spook – real deal). We welcome any and all level of students to The Program. 

KJ Halliday

Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Full name at bottom of this page)

Breaker and Translator of “The Seven Seals”

(Not entirely human) 

I used to catch the Tenterfield bus, which was an interesting experience. I see the bus shelter is still the same. Wow. That also reminds me, Ella “Lorde” I would like to try to ski in New Zealand if possible? I am still waiting for payments from China and Russia for those jobs. If they want to exit The Program please remind them of the financial and other penalties involved. Where was I? Yes, some words of wisdom for the younger folk (my schedule is set by my Kingdom, I am sorry, so I have everything prepared in advance by them). Some of my files are also now declassified so feel free to browse. Other sections are “encrypted” (if we really don’t want you to peak it’s Quantum Encrypted, so don’t stress).

Phil Floyd and Family

I hope you are all well. I thought the Pink Floyd stuff would be obvious. 

Tabitha Collins and Family

Can’t complete this sequence/post without the smell of Charlie’s Chickens calling in the air tonight. I’m just killing time and completing my service in The Kingdom. See what I did there with the Phil Floyd / Tabitha Collins segway? I think it’s clever. At this level I have a lot of time on my hands. 

Lisa Mitchell

Just to be like, really really obvious. OH HARK LISA! 

Special thank you to the Arthur family.

Justin obviously. Black and blue. I thought you would like to see behind the scenes. Just keep an eye out for “V” – and “KJ” on your food and drink labels obviously. Also thanks to Bob and Kaye Arthur, Brett, and Kylie. Also some of my “travel photos” for you Khalia from my time in South Korea. It’s some personal correspondence but the Kingdom makes all that public anyway so it’s cool to read it.  

There are many other people to mention, however, you will have to have a better look through my “book” planet Earth’s FIRST EVER Live Action Real Time Novel. 

Thank you all.

Kind Regards

King Emmanuel 

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

LORD Elohim Allahu Akbar Angel Pie

(Former Glen Innes High School Graduate)

As my Earthly Father from this current incarnation said to me once:

It’s not MENU – It’s ME & YOU

(stay out of trouble, or you might end up owing me something – and I keep my books very well balanced)

My Kingdom has many species, as does my Heavenly Father’s. I am “V”, like my Eternal Mother