“Salvation” and “The Seven Seals” Explained

Author’s Note: It is with a heavy heart that I must write this long explainer of a work I have been involved in for over a decade. This is after almost 12 months of at times quite negative interaction from New South Wales Police, Australian Federal Police, and NSW Health. The ‘highlight’ was being compared to Man Monis (the Lindt Cafe siege gunman, Sydney, Australia) in my own home, in front of my 2-year-old daughter and wife. This latest incident and the use of the Mental Health Act (2007) to incarcerate an artist and writer is the last straw for me and I am completely broken. I have spent 10 days (not counting a day for forced check-in, and the day I was allowed to check out – after a tribunal) in the Lake Macquarie Mental Health Facility inside the Mater Calvary Hospital. This is the first time I have been away from my very young daughter for even a day. So, happy mother’s day for 2020 also. I hope, though, that you can take the time to explore my works of faith, fact, and fiction – the works Australian authorities do not want you to see. I am sorry to have been taken away from my daughter, but being a genuine stigmatic artist and writer the spirit had already informed me of this incarceration without charge in 2019 (see choose between love and money – you will see a countdown, and “May Day”) not only have my basic human rights been discarded but my spiritual and religious freedoms also. I will be proceeding with these next steps carefully, and methodically. Thank you for any prayers you can spare, my life and works are my prayers, and they are for you, dear reader. Know that your faith is true:

Calvary Mater Hospital Newcastle

Admitted without consent 1st May 2020. Stayed 10 days (see below – not counting ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’). Released with conditions on 12 May 2020. Thank you to my Heavenly Father for seeing me through it and for your guidance on what to do next.  

Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.

Revelation 2:10

An Explainer and Guide to my Works of Faith (fact and fiction)

A Modern Parable

Written as a critique of the modern human race from the point of view of a superior co-inhabitant of planet Earth (Terra). Sci-Fi meets suburbia as “LORD” (full given ‘Heavenly’ name Elohim Allahu Akbar Angel Pi) tries to win over His newly purchased planet.

  • The creative project is mostly digital with only a few posters, business cards and other physical elements and promotion used.
  • It is made up of multiple interlinked websites (detailed below) detailing different aspects of the fictional ‘supreme being’s’ likes, dislikes, purpose and journey to their current residence on subruban Roswell Avenue (Warners Bay).


The ‘core’ of the project as the ‘LORD’ asks inhabitants of Earth to choose between love and money. It is also an intellectual and theological discussion on the concept of ‘Christ’ and other ideas from Judeo-Christian belief systems. This experimental ‘book’ can be explored in any direction.

(Below Image: Screenshot from Salvation.net.au – original art by KJ Halliday).


With a purposefully more comedic tone, this site parodies the the “LORD’s” heraldic and supposedly divine announcements. This is also the LORD’s (and their Kingdom’s) attempt at some ‘public relations’ with the human race – who have stopped paying attention to The Kingdom’s announcements. More tongue in cheek complete with human / alien (angel) proposals as well as messages from Earth to the Fleets of the Eternal Kingdom (aliens as angels). 

Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.” 

Revelation 5:5


An attempt at diplomacy from the supposed Supreme Ruler of Earth (also known among His kind as The Seven Thunders due to previous exploits) Where the LORD’s public relations efforts fail, more forceful coercion of the human species is discussed. Details the LORD’s attempts to manage an increasingly out of control asymmetrical war on the human race. While simultaneously taking steps to stop the various human factions on Earth from destroying His new investment – the planet Terra (known to humans as Earth – who names a planet after soil anyway?)

(Below Image: Post from refuge-island – official announcement) 


The Supreme Being tries to show their lighter side in a new public relations scheme. It is an attempt to not only improve His personal image, and that of the Kingdom on Earth, but also to improve relations with those among His own Kingdom who miss the “good old days” when they could hunt and enslave humans freely across all of Terra. LORD Elohim aims to do this by collaborating personally with the biggest names in pop music. Both human and “V” (Alien/Angel) talent combine for the big unveiling – pop singer Lorde of New Zealand and Alien overlord “LORD” Elohim Allahu Akbar Angel Pi of the Eternal Kingdom, Son of the Everlasting Father. 

(Below Image: Cover art for custom video art on Beautiful Beaches – original art and photography by KJ Halliday) 

“The Seven Seals” Social Media & Digital Promotions

(Social Media posts only for promotion and as an extension of this digital conceptual book) Digital Performance Artist.

The promotion of the extensive and free online ‘novel’ and its connected websites utilised both traditional and guerilla marketing. This included emails and other forms of first contact for testing and refining of the overall concept. Obviously, more refining needed to be done and much of it was distasteful and inconsiderate – although appropriate for the context of the art, writing and conceptual digital novel. 

Contacts Included:

  •  Comments on Facebook posts and ‘check ins’ to various locations.
  • Tagging of individuals and pages on Facebook.
  • Previous use of Twitter account/s for the same purpose.
  • Emails from both obvious accounts (e.g [email protected]) and other accounts for ‘first contact’.
  • Business cards, flyers and some posters put up in select locations and left in various places. Some were left in a selection of Christian church mailboxes etc announcing “the LORD”.

My personal Facebook account (Kevin Halliday, or KJ Halliday) was utilised to give a ‘human’ face to this project and digital ‘novel’. This was an essential aspect of the creative works in question as it made it more personal to viewers and gave rise to doubt and other questions when experiencing the creative works. I did this also because I thought being a writer and an artist (very publicly for many years now) that this would reduce confusion.

The idea was to also explore digital identity, truth and fiction on social media. The use of this account for artistic and parody purposes was communicated with both New South Wales Police and New South Wales Health on multiple occasions. I had assumed they had passed this on also to the Australian Federal Police who had taken an interest in this work of art.

I obviously had not communicated clearly enough, and this is the reason for this more detailed explanation (despite my artistic process usually demanding I do not guide any viewers in what they experience from my works).

I should have heeded their artistic suggestions. My apologies.

I also only used my personal Facebook because I had quit using the platform in January 2019 (as it affected my health negatively) – as was explained and documented clearly on two separate blog posts on two of my websites:


Why use conceptual art to quite Facebook (AVAVA website)

How to kill yourself live on Facebook (kjwriteleft.com website)

Digital Character Creation Explained

Social Media as a performance art

The fictional character that was used for posting to this Facebook account (and a since banned Twitter account @kjwrite) was created by me – the artist – alone, based on my own and others’ experiences with health and law enforcement authorities both in Australia and overseas. I am, fortunately, a law abiding citizen here in Australia with no criminal record to speak of. I also personally abhor violence and understand that some parts of this project (mirroring the human species the way it does) can be disturbing or difficult. The inspiration for this character was found primarily among:

  • Conspiracy theories – both websites, articles as well as forums and social media groups.
  • Evangelical Christians – both on youtube and across the entire internet – including individuals falsely claiming to be ‘prophetic’. There was also a concentration on Hillsong style christianity (faith equals cash rewards) style cognitive dissonance (Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24).
  • ‘Below the Line’ Comments – not only did this series utilise its own below the line comments (especially on Facebook) but it was also inspired by the types of nonsense people place on a variety of social media posts, and below news articles.
  • Racist and bigoted content – mostly on Facebook, and much of it Australian based, it is generally deemed acceptable among large portions of the social media community. This was useful for ‘racist’ comments made on behalf of a fictional superior alien intelligence about the ‘monkey’ humans.

For my own reference I call this digital performance character “Crazy Christ” – a messianic Daffy Duck. An ‘everyman’ that must represent and stand for all things and all people – the good and the bad. Basically, an impossible goal of unifying everything and everyone.

I do not personally identify as this character.

It is merely a performance art that obviously was taken too far. In the space of one year (while working on this project) I had my daughter hospitalised twice (one time in intensive care) my Father put in hospital with cancer, as well as a major Tasmanian art festival allegedly steal my intellectual property. This is not an excuse, merely context. 

This document is also not an excuse for the offense and hurt I have caused to family, friends and strangers alike. It is a personal explanation of what I set out to do, and the portions of this project that became a disaster for me personally, and why that occured. I wrote the draft to this document on the 3rd of May 2020 while sitting at a desk inside a mental health facility. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I actively did not want viewers/readers to know it was a performance. Artistically, I wanted that to add verisimilitude or ‘realness’ to my works of faith. A big mistake perhaps, but in all honestly I believed the outlandishness of much of this body of work would merit itself (to anyone of sound mind) to be understood for what it was – a work of faith and creativity. I am writing this detailed explainer as I do not want to dig myself into a bigger hole than I have already been thrown into.

I had hoped that I, and not my artistic works, would be diagnosed, but this has not been the case. While I find it flattering, I must also look out for my own health and my legal rights both in terms of human rights and my implied rights as an artist carrying out both artistic and creative works in conjunction with works of parody. 

I had written more on my own personal situation in life, as it explains why I do (in real life) cherish my mental health. However, some facts can remain private, but I am always happy to discuss them with the NSW Police, Australian Federal Police and NSW Health. 

Thank you for reading my testimony. 

Some parts of my life have been a horror story that does, at times, creep into my writing and art. I am sorry for any offense or disturbance that may have been caused.


Everyone’s a critic.