I have been busy taking some new shots of the latest series for AVAVA Art Gallery to give all of you a better idea of how great these images will look on your wall. All of the prints are done on cotton canvas (as opossed to acrylic which can often be semi-transparent) so you know you are purchasing a quality print that will be perfect for your home, office or business interior.


Some of the products do not yet have these product shots done but the images shown on the product view page give a good indication of what you will receive once it is printed and stretched. This has been a really exciting project for me and I am happy to get some really great feedback so far.


I have worked hard to keep the range as flexible as possible with something for every colour scheme and personal taste. I have a variety of other images not yet displayed on this gallery (many landscape images) and you can view a few more at Beautiful Beaches. If something really takes your fancy then you can always contact me about having prints done just for you!


Most of the hard work for these wall art images is done during the creation stage including photography, editing and for many – hand drawing and editing. I always create images for AVAVA Online Art Gallery with these canvas prints in mind and image quality is optimised for my largest print size so they will look amazing on any size canvas you choose. I also work on custom art and alterations so if you like a particular image or style just get in touch and I can work on something to suit your needs.

I am also happy to offer advice on what wall art will work well in your space – be it a cafe or a living room. All prices are extremely competitive and if you do your research online then you will realise my prices are comparable to what you will have to pay for just printing on canvas (let alone providing a great art design or photograph). I hope you enjoy my gallery and remember to share the pages on social media as it always helps as a solo artist in Australia.

Thanks and have an amazing and colourful day!