If you’re a regular visitor to the site you will have noticed a lot of changes that we have been talking about for a while now. Firstly, the look of the site has been simplified and streamlined so that you can all simply view the works more easily.

We have also been planning to add a special section on the site just for purchasing works of art that we have on hand. At the moment we have around 15 large to very large canvas art prints ready to go.


Sandstone Formation 2_tnWe are still deciding on how to price them, but really want to trial a “make an offer” system of pricing. You simply offer the amount you are willing to pay for a work (not including postage) and we will either say yes or no.

This should be a fun project to try and it will certainly help us to find the most accessible pricing for art prints. Keep in mind that we have our own costs involved with running the site and organising and paying for the prints in advance.


yellowjess_tnI really hope that you will check out the gallery page on the menu as well as our Facebook page where we keep everyone up to date on the latest AVAVA art gallery news.

If a particular image takes your fancy feel free to contact me to discuss a range of print options from stretched canvas, framed right through to prints on aluminum!

As always, thank you all so much for taking the time to view my humble works and I hope that they bring your eyes and soul some joy!

-KJ Halliday