I have started a new Facebook page for the gallery which has already garnered a great little following. At the moment I am working hard in the background to bring more of my art and photography prints online for purchase and viewing as well. The Facebook page is a great opportunity for me to show you all some of the many images I have here at home that are available to be made into wall art.

New Etsy Store

I have recently been investigating the best options for me, as a solo artist, for bringing my art to more people. While I have tested Ebay, unfortunately it just isn’t what I’m looking for as most buyers are looking for “cheap art” – which I don’t make. So I will continue to setup and promote a new Etsy store – a platform that is great for creative people and great buyers that understand the time, effort and money involved in creating these items.

You can, of course, still order through my website here but I am always looking for ways to streamline everything. I am hoping to slowly transition the gallery in two directions – a selection of prints for the Etsy store and a wider range of images for the website which will be focused on custom prints for all of you.

I also wanted to take the time to thank all of you for supporting me at the moment. As a solo artist the hardest part isn’t creating the art, it is getting people to see it. Every share, tweet, pin and like is always appreciated!