[Author’s Note: I don’t personally believe ‘Lorde’ stole my identity – she may have, but I am pretty sure she didn’t. This page is just a bit of a ‘roast’ of sorts – it’s not real. Hence the ‘international roast’ image. However, the MONA museum stuff is true – allegedly] 

Recently, I had the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart steal a key element of my latest series. After talking with lawyers and the copyright foundation all agreed I had a very good case, BUT money was the issue. It is easy for an organisation like MONA that has resources, to steal art from someone that can barely pay their bills month to month.


Now, if you have now seen the front of the AVAVA site, and my other “projects” you will know I am not only an artist. Some of us from around the planet are involved in a global training, learning and development program. This is the “I Wear White” project. I am actually the “Director” of that program. My true name is, as my site says, Avava. My title is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Crown Prince Michael. I am also a “stigmatic” meaning I carry certain scars, a symbol of some past visits to earth. As you can see from the following video, Ella Marija “Lorde” has stolen my identity, my story and my image in order to make money.

This brings me to Ella Marija, or “Lorde”. While it can be confusing I have many different titles and names and am a regular visitor and worker for the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. I thought that Ella would be a good addition to the program when they were presented (as is the process) through her EP (album release).

However, it has become clear that while the talent is there, our program requires love and passion also. It also requires originality, not theft. The theft of my name I have overlooked for a time, to give a proper verdict on the situation, which I do not take lightly. Especially due to my financial situation and the brazen theft without remorse of my very essence as a writer, artist, teacher and “traveller” to this planet and plane of existence.


[An example of our use of “Avatars” to communicate with the general population] Luckily, I am not alone when I travel to Earth. So this direct message to the identity fraud in question made by Ella Marija “Lorde”.


I honestly thought we were friends Ella Marija. Why you would take all the things I talked about with you so you could line your own pockets just tears me apart inside. You are officially out of the program, and anyone that works with you or assists you in any way is out of the program. You have no idea how many tears I shed because of what you did. Thank you to Amy and Nick from “Karmin” and now “Qveen Herby” for helping me heal and pick up the pieces. Just so you know who you STOLE from MONA Museum and Ella Marija “Lorde”, I had a small part of My Kingdom on Earth make this. Love from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Son of the Most High.


I also am aware of your Anti-Israel and anti-semitic leanings. So being one of these “things” (I never chose to be born Ella) that you hate means I’m not cool with you anymore. I am very thorough with My screening. You’re a security risk. Plus, you pretended to be my friend, and I’ve never had a friend before. So I won’t make that mistake with you (or anyone else) ever again. No more friends. What hurts most is my own stupidity for trusting you. I hope it was worth it for what comes next in your “life”.

With a net worth of 12 million dollars, you’re not my friend Ella Marija. You’re a user, a liar and a traitor to so many good people. Just so you can make some money. You’re a creative vampire with no originality. Well, you have some, because you stole it from Me.


You can view the results of the “Salvation” and “I Wear White Projects” at Salvation.net.au and iwearwhite.info



If I allow you to continue to take advantage of Me, steal from Me and disrespect Me, then My Kingdom will not accept Me. I did warn you. So many times. Apologies Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. They look so much like us I forget how deceptive they are. I thought I had a friend finally after so many lifetimes. I won’t make the mistake again. If they do not submit, then please, remove them.

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