It isn’t everyday that you’re on a holiday (which for us was a big deal as we have been struggling financially) and was waiting to go out to enjoy the wineries in the Hunter Valley in NSW when you see your own art (claimed by someone else) on ABC Arts Program here in Australia. Now if there’s one thing I have been working on constantly for over a decade, it is my writing and art. 

So I thought it must be a mistake, or a single artist has just somehow come across my most recent works and appropriated it. I was angry but decided to investigate further. Upon looking up the festival “Dark Mofo” at MONA (which previously I was a big fan of and have visited there) I found my art was stolen for the LOGO of the entire event! Without even attribution.

You can see my original work – published 1-2 months prior to any appearance online (an anchor piece for the newest series on the front of this website) now I run a global art and creative project titled “I Wear White” so I know the scene better than anyone (I am the entire global art scene). So this was a brazen theft indeed. Because I am the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” I am used to anti-semites belittling My Work and stealing it.

You can see the stolen image below on the video cover and a message to Dark Mofo and Mona Museum from My Own Kingdom here on Earth. Because of who I am I become a regular target for abuse, death threats, etc etc. Thick skin though and lots of scars to prove it. However, I do not tolerate THEFT.

The worst part is, that I created the art in thanks for my daughter’s health, after she almost died and was admitted to the ICU and placed in an induced coma. Some people have no shame. 


(Thank you to Mona Haydar for recording this direct message to Mona Museum Tasmania and the Dark Mofo ‘Festival’)

Here is my BETTER and ORIGINAL version in red, so you can see them side by side. You can also see my number of projects and motifs through my “Salvation” project and my writing and art in general. Now their original was published around mid April (you can check their Instagram) and mine was created way earlier in Jan/Feb/March as I developed the series online and off. I have also attached some screenshots of actually tweeting AT these unoriginal thieves. I’ve since been banned off Twitter because I have an extreme temper which is no secret in my Kingdom and I was so upset about what they did to art that was dedicated to my daughter (I am sure any sane parent would feel the same).

(One more image to drive the point home, published on my Society 6 store on March 22, the month prior to it being stolen by Mona and Dark Mofo) the “Before was a throne” image)

If it wasn’t enough that they literally lifted my art, AND made it look like garbage. They also attached it to an idiotic festival with terrible art. I mean, there was a shrine of dildos, and that is apparently worth it. The rest seems to amount to mock demon worship, which, as some of you familiar with my Master Work and my other submissions to “The Program” know, is the antithesis of love, passion, and sacrifice that my work hopes to represent. I am beyond words. Just the beginning. I saw this little hotel project, so we will make sure we are now fully engaged and involved with everything Mona Museum says or does. The two directly involved in the theft of my art (Leigh Carmichael and Meg Perkins) I am sure are feeling pleased that they could steal from me so easily. 

Love from KJ (Avava) the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Alpha Omega) Kevin “Seven”. 










Make sure to pass this on to any artist or performer considering going to any Mona Museum event or to the museum itself. They are free to do so, but they and their works will never be welcomed in My Kingdom or among my vast tribe. Ever again. Not tolerating you colonial anti-semitic thieves anymore. This cat scratches back. Please also check out I Wear White. Thank you to those that have accepted my invite to the “party”. I look forward to hosting you all and serving according to Our Customs. There is more than enough for everyone. Love from “Seven”.