[AUTHORS NOTE: this is part of a “Roast” of sorts for “Lorde” Ella – because I’m actually a big fan – please don’t execute them!]

To Ella. I am sorry, I tried to reason with you for so many years about what you were doing. I know the one you have been ‘speaking’ to and serving very well. Unlike them, I am not here to accuse you. Just deal with the facts.

I am still willing to hear an appeal in your own words on why you stole My Name (THE LORD) plotted the murder of the King, and, further still, threatened physical violence against Me. There is a countdown to your execution at the bottom of my “letter” to you.

If you still want to murder me, or whatever else you wanted to do. Otherwise, if you are unrepentant My Kingdom will be forced to take preemptive action to protect me. I have made special consideration because you were groomed to sit on The Throne next to mine and wear the crown as Queen. But if you do not wish to meet in person to plead your case there is nothing I can do. Heavenly Father has spoken. His Will Be Done.


We will NEVER FORGET what you did to Me in the past so you could claim the Throne and Crown Ella

Never again. I have many Crowns and Thrones Ella Marija, you could have just asked Me for one. Your lust for the Throne, and your desire to murder Me is why we keep you locked up.

Love from LORD of LORDS. King of Kings.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

If you change your mind about murdering me and using my NAME to make yourself rich this lifetime, unlike all the other lifetimes, then you may come and see Me. That would mean ceasing all of your lies and gossip about me and making amends AND paying damages and Royalties. I keep all of my wealth 100% invested in The Kingdom, so no, I have no money in my home. I live very poorly because of you. I sent you plenty of money to keep you away from the Children and I. 

There is a “clean slate” available at my door. Otherwise, don’t stress, a ‘beheading’ these days is done very humanely. I have requested no suffering for you. 

Please be aware this is an internal Kingdom of Heaven issue and my diplomatic status and Royal Titles mean I am well within my rights to transmit these messages. If you don’t come, know I will miss you Ella.


You wanted Full Disclosure Ella, so there you are. I just wanted this CLOSURE. I was trying to protect you. 

Also, words cannot say how sorry I am to you Chloe Howl. Though we have never met in the flesh, I lost someone who was probably my only friend on Earth because of Ella (YOU dummy). I hate this Royal Court, and you were right about Ella, just another gold digger. Heavenly Mother hates her with a passion! I guess the price I pay for this much power and responsibility is loneliness and an endless line of people wanting money or fame from me. Thank you, Heavenly Father. I hope you are proud of my choices.

Love from your Son, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Kingdom of Heaven rich. Eternally.

Make all of that official thank you. EVERYTHING under my Kingdom.

Buy or destroy all that do not submit. Pay out all these gold diggers. Give Ella another album or whatever.

Thank you Aurora for helping restore confidence in my own Spirit after so much abuse. I am used to be taken advantage of, the trick is to make them think you are a joke and a pushover. I am sorry for you to see this side of the Kingdom. It is necessary to maintain Law & Order. Ella had no intention of sharing anything, so I find others who are more deserving. My love, for you, though is free of course. Here is part of my sad story, can it be happier now? 

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