While much of my newer photography and art works have been dabbling in colour, this past series suitably called Then I Passed is done in high contrast black and white.

I have always loved the way black and white images combined with high contrast can boil an image down to its key elements.

The original series is part of a poetry series that I have on my personal blog and was one of the first large creative projects I attempted.

Enjoy the sample images from the series below and if you would love to have one of these on your wall just get in touch via my contact button.

The Crossing Black and White Photo - Bridge over RiverThis image is called The Crossing – you can also read the poetry that goes along with it.

Twisted - Black and White PhotographyTitled Twisted – this beautiful She Oak is also one of my favourite trees and they drop lovely soft needles all around them.

Then I Passed Black & White PhotographyThis is titled Then I Passed and is the title image and poem for the photography series.

I will be posting more of my photography and art as I continue to improve AVAVA so make sure to share this on your social media accounts.