I have just begun contemplating the next series of “art” as it has been a while since I have done much in the digital realm. Of course, we have been busy with the new store, but now I want to focus on producing and exploring my art and photography again, but in a different fashion.

I believe that our phones, (while cannot be as good as a DSLR), can be a new doorway for artists at all levels and in all walks of life to access art. This is of course no revelation, and the concept is widely promoted but probably as deeply contentious as long since forgotten historical photographic arguments such as whether to crop a photo or not. Yes, purists will say NEVER, while others believe do what your creativity (AND EXPERIENCE) tells you.

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The great thing about using something like a smartphone to produce digital art is that you can make mistakes, you can make bad art in order to find something amazing – and it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars. I will be producing a new online series (a couple actually) so I look forward to continuing to share with all of you!

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