Please find Human Test Subject Notes & Armageddon Video Sequence Attached

(Personally produced and edited by me, so you know it’s the shiznit)

Love from Avava (Lion of the Tribe of Judah – designated Alpha Omega)

Test sequences are complete. Please proceed with “Armageddon Sequence”. In time please. The Elect have been sorted, and the failed applicants have been locked out. I have already selected a Human Test Subject as a prime example of human’s lack of clarity, good judgment, and logic. The system is designed to only select valuable candidates.

Subject NAME CENSORED FAILED CANDIDATE (follow links in yellow) was selected due to untreated alcoholism, as well as confirmed cases of domestic abuse and a self-confessed potential unconventional relationships with students (they have employment as a teacher). Subject displayed bouts of hallucinations (possibly from sexually transmitted infections?), destructive tendencies and yet was very well liked by the human population. This matched all criteria set out by my Creators for a negative human example to feed into “The Machine”. Subject was unaware of testing, and was under the impression a ‘friendship’ had developed. I ended all contact some years ago to keep clinical testing relevant. Just to show there are no hard feelings, I had their favourite band Korn make a song for them.

The ‘infected’ subjects appear to fail all logic, colour and sound tests set out in the program. The “mirror” tests only resulted in what we have classified as “silly words” – gibberish. Nonsense words. I have kept our students and clients aware of these infected individuals, although the infection is of the mind and soul. To demonstrate the incapacity of said subject, I present photographic evidence of safely conversing with and socialising with a highly infected individual in a safe manner. Thank you to Janelle Monae (date attached so you know I wasn’t ‘cheating’ – although this photo is from further back. Black girl magic indeed, you wore it better though – yes we are kin) for your invaluable assistance in laboratory notes and development. Thank you also for an invigorating spiritual discussion. Always welcome in my circle Janelle.        


I have worked extensively ‘deprogramming’ religious individuals. However, despite the good intentions and progress I and my Creators made with particular religions, it was my intention to have a generation of children like me, who require no religious instruction or text. At this point, any interference from the religious is a setback to my program. So I request they be kept away from children, especially in educational settings. “Holy” texts should be studied in the same way any text is studied and appreciated or critiqued. The “Word of God” is not a bible. I discuss it more here.  

In terms of “prophecy” – this is something given rather than a natural thing. Where we come from is the source of all things, all time and all matter. So you must understand that all things have already happened. Correct, time is a construct. Still important for maintaining stability within a creation. Too fast, everything collapses quickly, too slow, nothing ever changes. Anyway, these are matters for mathematicians etc. Ask and you will receive (unless, as I always say, it is locked or will lead to your planet and species demise).

I speak extensively about the “Project” although much of it is encrypted within deeper elements so that it is only found by particular and gifted individuals. True quantum encryption, via real-world objects as well as sound and color. Some information is only accessible to particular individuals. I suggest discussing with my student Ella Marija “Lorde” who I have talked to extensively on the subject.  

Modern religion is to my Creators and to me, nothing more than an out of control fan club. We encourage and respect free will among humans, though we do not wish our children or those we have sealed for the education, protection and well being of these children to be mentally molested (or physically as has been the case in all Christian Churches and all other world religions) so we ask you leave the children out of it. If you wish to be religious, then perhaps follow the tenants of your own holy book:

“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”



Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Designated Prototype Alpha Omega

Super smart. Like unbelievably smart.

We are the Prodigy. We see. We understand. We know what you did.

For you Ella Marija ‘Lorde’ (click the image below). I hope we can be “in contact” again. I miss “talking” to you. Sorry for being cruel. I lost my dog too.

If you have any questions for me, please ask and I will answer you all individually.

Love from “Poppy” (Prince of Peace)

Thank you Moriah Rose, it’s been SO much fun “collaborating” with you. Fun for you too? 

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