The Artist


Australian Art and Photography

AVAVA online art gallery is the work of KJ Halliday, an artist, photographer and writer from Australia. His work ranges from landscape photography, abstract art through to design. The series that are made specifically for the gallery are created with home and office settings in mind.



Art for Home and Office Interior Design

KJ wants to transform your rooms with accessible and vibrant pieces that will work as key visual elements in your interior designs. Large prints are available for feature walls or for making your office more than just a work environment. Smaller prints are also great for adding new life and colour to existing interiors.



Custom Art and Photography Available

While the artist works on serious subjects (on a series of online projects) ranging from the environment and religion – the print series are often made with colours and shapes in mind. So if you need a specific colour or form to incorporate with your own design ideas then please contact him today for custom print work.

Thank you for visiting AVAVA Art Gallery. Your support is appreciated.